warehouse management

Greater efficiency, tangible results


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Warehouse management requires a holistic perspective to improve efficiency, visibility and control in a tangible way. To address this need we offer Warehouse Management System and Voicepicking solutions.



A WMS manages the full operation of your warehouse: receipt, put-away, picking and shipping.


• Control processes and material flow
• Inventory visibility
• Optimization of resources, activities, and space

• Intelligence in the system, independent of the operator
• Performance indicators
• Operating cost reduction


Wavelink is a voicepicking system that transforms RF terminals into audio devices that interact with the user. It converts text to voice and voice to inputs for the WMS. The solution converts voice commands into direct keystrokes on the RF terminal.

It may be deployed in the cloud, on site, centralized, distributed, hybridized, on Windows and on Linux..


• Increases warehouse productivity
• Optimizes the use of RFs
• Manages workers’ activities
• Adaptable to each customer’s environment