transportation management

Satisfying needs, improving efficiency


A good Transportation Management System satisfies the needs of both shippers and carriers, improving the efficiency of transportation processes.  

It generates efficient transportation plans that guaranty order management and product delivery in the best conditions, as well as, efficient processing of POD (Proof of Delivery) by consignee, audit processes and payments to carriers.

Additionally, the TMS will enable the analysis of transactional data, that can be used to support network design and sourcing efforts.


• Optimization of routes and transport equipment
• Management of rates and Fuel Surcharges
• Improvement in delivery times and levels of service
• Equipment planning
• Carrier selection
• Creation of back-hauls and continuous moves
• Management and control of driver hours of service
• Visibility of shipping tracking events and status

Tsol has a wide range of services in Transportation Management that include

  • Fleet Management

  • ERP

  • Benchamarking


Alejandro Morelos, TMS Practice Leader, talks about Tsol’s TMS services. Click on the image.